MHATT-CAT Kappa Y1 repair May 2003

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MHATT-CAT Kappa Y1 damage and repair May 2001

During the April 2003 run, Don Walko and I found out that some damage had
occured to the table vertical motor Y1. Y1 would no longer lift up properly 
although it could go down. During the week of May 5, Peter Eng, and Don Walko
lifted the Kappa table with a car jack and removed the Y1 jack. It was found
that the lead screw and bearings are broken and need to be replaced. The lead
screw was chipping and cracking. Spare parts were ordered promptly and are on
their way. The lead screw assembly costs 1900$ each! They should make it on
time for the beginning of this run, May 28, 2003. See Fig. 1
and Fig. 2) for an image of the broken piece. MHATT-CAT
thanks Peter for his help on solving this problem.
Damage to the Y1 screw.

Fig 1. The Y1 bearing and lead screw.

Drawings of the Y1 screw.

Fig 2. The Y1 lead screw drawings.

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