Removal of the Mirror-Filter tanks from 7ID-A

The mirror-filter tanks in 7ID-A have been empty for some time, pending a redesign of the mirror-filter assembly.  The vacuum inside them has not been very good.  The Be windows which protect other portions of the beamline from the MF vacuum are thick and of relatively poor quality.  Therefore, the empty tanks and the Be windows were replaced on May 20-21, 2004 by Don Walko and Harold Gibson, with simple straight sections and reducing Tee's.  The small ion pumps were mounted on the Tee's so they could help pump on the long straight sections.

Dismantling of MF 1 tank

The Be windows had bad spots on the sides which faced the mirror filter tanks


Removal of the two Be windows, which are each 254 um thick, will increase the x-ray flux: the calculated increase is about 15% at 7 keV and 5% at 10 keV.  But more importantly, removing these old, low-quality (and obviously corroded) windows will improve the coherence of the beam.

The installed flight paths


Last updated May 21, 2004