New Labyrinths for 7-ID-C and 7-ID-D Hutches

Don Walko, Dohn Arms, and Eric Dufresne
Feb. 3, 2003

During the January 2003 shutdown, MHATT-CAT staff had contractors cut two holes into the walls of the 7-ID-C hutch in order to install cable labyrinths.  One was on the upstream wall, allowing convenient access to the 7-ID-C control station.  The other was on the downstream wall, allowing easy access between the C and D hutches.  These new labyrinths will make it much easier to feed cables, wires, etc., into the hutches, especially allowing motors to be shared between C and D.  They have been radiation-validated and the C hutch is now in regular operations.
Below, find some during-and-after installation photos of the labyrinths.

Between the C and D hutches (viewed in C hutch):
hole in wall finished labyrinth

Upstream wall of C hutch (inside):
hole in wall finished labyrinth

Upstream wall of C hutch (outside, near the control rack):
hole in wall finished labyrinth