Haidan Wen


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*These authors contribute equally

Invited Talks:

•“Ultrafast x-ray Imaging of phase transitions and nanoscale thermal transport” at I3 seminar, Institute of Integrated Imaging, ANL, Nov 14, 2016

•“Ultrafast dynamics of ferroelectrics and transition metal dichalcogenides” at Physics Seminar, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA, Mar 24-26, 2016

• “Optical and THz-field control of ferroelectrics” at “Workshop on Bright THz Source and Nonlinear THz Field-Matter Interaction”, Rochester, NY, USA June 16 -17 2016

• “Ultrafast dynamics of ferroelectrics and transition metal dichalcogenides” at Physics Seminar, Institute of Physics, Beijing, China, Aug, 16, 2016

• “Spatiotemporal imaging of heterogeneities in correlated materials”, Workshop “Probing Structure and Dynamics of Quantum Materials via X-ray Scattering at LCLS”, SSRL/LCLS user meeting, Oct, 9th, 2015.

• "Correlation of structural and electronic dynamics in complex oxides", at Symposium of Complex metal oxides and unconventional interfaces , CINT User Conference, Santa Fe, NM, Sept 24-26, 2013

• "Intense THz sources for time-resolved study of matter", at Workshop of Frontier of THz Science , SLAC National Laboratory, Sept 5-6, 2012