Laser-beam interaction for light source generation

There are two  topics

The first to generate ultrafast X-ray radiation using Thomson scattering at very small angle, as can be seen in the following illustration, due to the small slipage between the laser pulse and the beam, the pulse duration of the X-ray will be very close to that of the interacting laser pulse, namely, 50-100 fs.
sats setup
This is obviously an easy way to generate we collimate, ultrafast X-ray pulses. The peak brightness is close to APS. Though not funded, I did manage to have a paper published.
The second project is to generate Gamma rays of upt to 3 GeV with flux of 10^8, thaks to the top-up mode of the APS. The following is a calculation of the feasible performance of the such a source, in comparison with existing sources.

For more info, click for a full length note about the project and a prentation given at one o fthe nuclear physics workshops.

As a minor, but related project, I did some calculation on nolinear Thomson scattering, which shows interesting feature such as pulse shape dependence, here is a short note on the work presneted at CLEO 2002.